The Difference Between White Hat And Black Hat SEO

For years, SEO strategies have been an immense help for website owners who are struggling to keep their website performing well. Google searches make a big impact on how a website would perform in the long run. Businesses which rely on their website may need to re-invent their platform to cope with the changes in the new age, and SEOs tools are valuable assets businesses or their contractors can’t do without.

SEO Tools and kinds

A number of tools have become popular and essential for Google search optimization such as PageSpeed Insights, GT Metrix, WebPageTest, SERP Checkers, and others. Many of these are commonly used nowadays, and there are still more yet to be discovered by website owners wishing to make things better for their site. Businesses should be more aware of two kinds of SEO – the white hat and the black hat – let’s think it of as the hero and the villain in the SEO world.

How do they work?

Best practices in SEO stem from activities that accommodate the ethicality and the effects of the SEO tools and usage as a whole. The two common practices are the following:

  • White Hat SEO – functions well and in line with the SERP (search engine result page) terms and improves results
  • Black Hat SEO – gives results in ranking improvement but may violate the terms and agreement for SERPs

White hats work best by focusing their tactics and techniques on quality content and inputting relevant keywords. Well-structured web language and legit inbound links adds up a safer and “play by the rules” technique without worrying too much of its implication. This tactic also employs the use of SEO tools that makes the website navigation simple and page loading fast.

Black hat SEO

Why utilize practices that might endanger your website, if you can analyze data and work your way around? This is where black hat SEO excels – a quick resolution to website optimization. Compared to white hat SEO, the use of tools with black hat is in excess that it often breaks the rules for SERP, but still enjoyed by many due to its quick results once acquired. Website link farming, content cloaking and stuffing meta-keywords and all place your website into the rank, but also puts it at risk of being flagged. The potential of black hat SEO is there if the owner is smart enough to outsmart Google algorithms as it crawls its way into your website to check.