Can You Fix An Old Website To Get Good Search Rankings?

Website owners often reach a business plateau where they neglect former projects and resort to newer and more advanced undertakings. One factor that leads to abandoning old websites is low search engine rankings. Fortunately, there are still ways an old website can get better rankings. Even master SEOs need to continually develop their technical skills in order to accommodate changes in Google algorithms, and these developments can definitely benefit old, beloved websites.

Struggles in SEO ranking

Changes in how Google assess a website’s worthiness made many owners and managers struggle to keep their websites ahead in the top pages. For one, old SEO practices don’t work anymore as Google algorithms penalize heavily those who employ black hat SEO in fixing a website or improving ranking. What is more is that the algorithm doesn’t recognize websites that contains dull or irrelevant contents. One may get away with some quick fix, but it doesn’t take long for Panda Google algorithm to crawl and find a malpractice in a website. Gone are the days where you can easily trick the system out.

Safe and friendly SEO methods

To start, we can consider white hat SEO techniques as better strategies to employ. It may take time, patience, dedication and effort to process each step, you are assured that an old website that needs fixing may improve ranking without the hassle of penalties in the long run.

  • Check out how Google Panda works – keep updated of the changes in the algorithm and see what works for your website
  • Evaluate your current ranking – a major step as this will tell you how much work you need to do for the website – check for your SERP standing and page loading speed items
  • Track your records and measure actions – identify what white hat SEO actions to take in fixing a website based on the visits to your sites, user behaviors and keywords
  • Enable mobile-friendly website – algorithm changes also applies for your site’s mobile access through Mobile Usability Report that highlights your site’s usability in mobile phones
  • Fix your current penalties – you may have undergone penalties for leaving your old website for too long. Check and fix these as soon as possible
  • Employ relevant keywords – now that you are aware of your current standing, go for interesting keyword strategies
  • Build great and worthy contents – relevant contents can help build your site as it progresses
  • Establish links legally – make your old website in line with the changing times by building network that works!